A Novel Facial characteristics identified in Congenital Syndrome

First Identified and Research article published in international Journal of Pediatrics (IJCP) - Dr. Nurun Nahar Fatema

Round face syndrome

In patient with Double outlet right ventricle, ventricular septal defect and Pulmonary stenosis (DORV, VSD, PS), a special facial characteristic is identified by Prof Brig Gen Nurun Nahar Fatema in her cases. She named these special facies along with DORV, VSD, PS as “Round face syndrome”.

Special facial features are:

  1. Round shaped face
  2. Plummy check
  3. Cyanosed lip
  4. Plethoric conjunctiva

(Ref: Note book on pediatric cardiology)

Rubella Syndrome

Along with other recognized association like cataract, deafness, Microcephaly, Mental retardation, congenital heart disease, some special facial characteristics are identified in Congenital Rubella syndrome (CRS)  in a study conducted by  prof Brig Gen Nurun Nahar Fatema on her patients. She named it as “Rubella facies”

  1. Triangular face
  2. Wide fore head
  3. Prominent nose
  4. A whorl in right side of hair line on forehead, occasionally it may be on the left side. This is known as “Rubella whorl.”

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