Guideline For The Management Of Congenital Heart Diease (In Children And Adult) And Pediatric Acquired Heart Disease

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From the Desk of Editor in Chief

Bangladesh is a densely populated country having 17.55 birth rate and 24.73 infant mortality rate (till 2020). Many children born with known and unknown varieties of heart diseases which are termed as congenital heart disease (CHD). The high infant mortality rate has a major portion occupied by the CHD as a cause. There are many patients born with CHD which remain undetected and undiagnosed. As a result, most of them present at later stage with severe complications. Few of them can reach to the pediatric cardiologist and rest of them gradually deteriorate.
In our country, considering the requirement, the number of pediatric cardiologist is very minimum including the number of instructors and institutions. Though it is a recently introduced independent department of pediatrics, but it has got many scopes to expand. Few years before, all patients having CHD had to go to abroad for overseas treatment for both medical and surgical intervention. But now a days, many patients are getting those international standard treatment at home avoiding unnecessary travel, cost and risk though the number is not yet satisfactory.
CHD may continue in an adult who was born with the defect. Both adult and child CHD must be detected and managed as soon as possible before complications arise. Management of CHD starts with adequate knowledge, training, skill and dedication. There are so many CHDs which, if detected early, can be cured without undergoing any surgery or facing any complications. In addition to CHD, there are many acquired heart diseases children are suffering from including rheumatic heart disease, Kawasaki disease and the COVID-19 induced carditis, which is one of the most fatal complications of current pandemic. This guideline was an extreme requirement for all the doctors who are dealing with these cardiac conditions. This handbook will help the treating physicians tremendously in managing most of the CHD in both children and adult, and also common acquired heart diseases in children.
I extend my gratitude to all who contributed towards the development of this guideline.

Professor (Dr.) Nurun Nahar Fatema, SBP

Recipient of ‘Independence Day Award-2019’
Advisor and Head, Department of Pediatrics and Pediatric Cardiology
Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) and Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Dhaka, Bangladesh

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